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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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they said enough. up next the o'reilly factor, good night from new york city. we will see you tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> mother load of bad ideas. [ applause ] >> it's ugly. >> big shootout between two big liberals. mar and affleck over whether islam is destructive to the world. we will tell you what we think. someone could get off the flight and practices witchcraft. >> a level of ignorance which we should not allow in our media. >> a pbs correspondent attacking andrea tantaros and fox news for reporting the truth. we'll take that man to task tonight. >> so you are homeless? and now you are high.
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how does that feel? >> it feels good. it's colorado. >> also ahead, jesse watters on another unintended consequence of legal pot homeless people flooding into denver. >> right now we are getting high. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is islam a destructive force in the world? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. right now the ace sis terrorists are attacking a town in syria very close to the turkish border. civilians are fleeing in panic because these isis savages are known to slaughter innocent people. meantime, turkish tanks and troops do nothing, sitting on their side of the border
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watching the carnage unfold turkey is a muslim country. and all throughout the world, there are about 1.6 billion muslims and 35 countries practice some kind of sharia law. that means they are governed by people who abide by principles of islam that are are controversial to say the least in some places you can be stoned to death for committing a sin. a pew research asked muslims if they favor sharia law, in afghanistan 99% do. pakistan 84%. iraq 91%. egypt 74%. jordan 71%. even in great britain, national opinion poll found that 78% of british muslims believe people who criticize mohammed should be prosecuted by civil authorities. think their religion should dictate what happens in
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society. enter uber liberals bill bill maher and ben affleck. antireligionist. he despises all organized religion. makes no secret of that mr. affleck is a traditional liberal fervent supporter of president obama and many left wing causes. over the weekend mr. mar and author sam harris and mr. affleck debated islam. >> all i'm saying is that liberal principles like freedom of speech, freedom to practice any rouge religion you want without fear of violence. freedom to leave a religion. equality for women. equality for minorities, including homosexuals, these are liberal principles into liberals applaud for but then when you say in the muslim world this is what is lacking, then they get upset. >> well, liberals have really failed on the topic of athletic theocracy. he this will criticized
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credit they can crazy and theocracy. abortion bombing happened in 1984. when you want to talk about the treatment of women and homosexuals and free thinkers and public intellectuals in the muslim world, i would argue that liberals are failed us. >> you have the person who understands the officially codified doctrine of islam? you are the interpreter of that? >> i'm actually well-educated on this topic. >> you i'm asking. you are saying islam aphobia is not a real thing. >> not a real thing when we do it. >> no. >> i'm not denying that it certain people are bigoted against muslims as people. and that's a problem. >> big of you have. >> >> why hostile about this concept. >> it's racist. >> it's so not. your shifty just. >> absolutely not. >> we are saying we have to be able to criticize bad ideas. >> of course we do. >> of course we do. >> islam is the mother load of bad ideas. >> jeesh.
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>> like blasphemy. >> it is. >> >> interesting how affleck invokes the name of jesus. who is correct? as far as condemning all muslims, mr. affleck is on the side of the angels, pardon the pun. talking points most muslims are peaceful people. even if they do believe in sharia law, that's a flaw in their thinking doesn't mean they are violent maniacs. also in the bible there are violent passages in the koran, doesn't mean much. interpretation of scripture is what separates a fair person from a hateful fanatic. however, mr. mar is correct on the overall effect islam is having on the world right now. truth is many muslim nations have not confronted islamic terrorism have not attacked violence in the name of allah, and have not even condemned the jihad. there is exception to the rule but they are few.
quote quote quote
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therefore militant islam continues to drive and plenty of sanctuaries from which to commit their evil. ben affleck should well understand that he himself would be beheaded in a heart beat by these isis animals and that even though they are the most extreme element of the jihad they are not that far away from their fanatical cuches. hours after america was attacked by al qaeda on 9/11. thousands of muslims, regular folks celebrated in the streets. they were happy. more than 3,000 innocent people, including muslims, were murdered. again, these people are a minority but they were not called out in any official way by muslim nations around the world. truth is islamic jihad do coo not exist if not for muslim nations turning away. turkey could crush isis right this minute, but turkey does nothing.
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the afghan people could turn against the taliban, they do not. the pakistani government harbored usama bin laden. the government did. those facts are something that ben affleck and others who agree with him should think about. in any discussion about the overall effect islam is having on the world. talking points well understands that for centuries muslims coexisted peacefully with other religions. now terrorism and the jihadists are again on the move. and most muslim nations are not joining with the west to confront that therefore, criticism of islam's role on the world stage is certainly valid: the muslim world needs to take a hard look at itself. and that's the memo. next on the run down, we have reaction. later, bernie goldberg on a pbs correspondent attacking andrea tantaros over ebola. the factor is coming right back. [ male announcer ] tomcat bait kills up to 12 mice,
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add breathe right to your cold medicine. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. between bill maher and ben affleck that's really an important date. stop and think for a second. that debate could not have taken place in many islamic countries because there is no free he speech. you can't do it. so, for me as a journalist, for any of us on this panel, for us to talk about oh, you can't draw cartoons of the
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prophet, you can't write books, you can't make documentaries, people are beheaded in some of these countries for those kind of acts. i just think it's a terrible scourge on the world at this ats moment. >> it does taint the good muslims. >> correct. >> you may remember when i was on "the view" behar and goldberg walked off when i said muslims attacked us on 9/11. every single one of the terrorists involved in the 9/11 attack was a muslim and all the money behind it came from muslims. and the country had originated n s. a muslim country, afghanistan. but behar and goldberg saw my statement, which was in the context of the discussion why we should not allow a mosque on the site of 9/11 to remind everyone saw it as besmirching as
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affleck saw what mar and the other guy was doing. things haven't changed in all those years. >> that's the knee jerk reaction of all those liberals is to assume that that is what you are saying. each when you explicitly say i am not saying that all muslims believe this or the religion of islam itself is bad. but you cannot, it is willful blindness and silliness to ignore the fact that these radical brand of islam is what inspires and animates some of the most barbaric and ill liberal behavior on the entire planet. liberals are so uncomfortable naming that end up sort of tacitly, at least ignoring some really real horrible behavior. you don't have to look farther than england those who say this gang of gang rapes going on. came from a place of islam phobia. that's a problem. >> very hard question, juan.
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very hard question. >> here it comes. >> in the 1930s in america we had liberal people, okay? and then the war started with germany and the nazis were exposed for who they were. there wasn't anybody in america that i can find and can i just wrote a book on world war ii. that objected to condemning the germans and not all germans were nazis, most were not. but in this country at that time in history we were against the germans because the germans had allowed the nazi party to be the scourge of the earth. what is the difference now than then? >> well, i think one, you remember, they were isolationists people didn't want us to get involved. i would say this, the big difference is today, again, the people who would say this is a religious faith and they would say we are tolerant of other faiths in
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our american tradition, that's essential part of who we are as american people. i am very much so. but i would point out to you, bill, that then you have to be honest, that if you are looking at the nazis or any military right wing who arish dictatorship. look at the way they treat the women. look at the way they treat the gays and look at the way they treat the other faiths and you say as an american liberal this is untenable. we can't have. this why would you not say that about the muslims who are doing the same thing? >> here is the irony of this ben affleck won academy award about that movie about iran. which is the worst theocracy in the world right now. these are people who have sworn to kill every just in the world. when affleck hears, you know, muslims are causing trouble and he reacts, oh, well, look, you just did a movie on it. >> yeah. here's the thing. >> go ahead mary katharine. >> here is the thing, bill,
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when you reference the pew poll and many have in discussing this debate that you have in pew poll in 2013, that surveyed 38,000 muslims around the muslim world. some of the questions dealt with honor killings and some dealt with stoning for adultery it is true only a handful of countries had a majority of people who supported these practices. here is t pew poll had had to have questions about honor killings and stonings for adultery. that is a different mind set and different kind of cultural trend that you are measuring than other places. >> to wrap it up, they their responsibility. >> part of the discussion. >> they bear the responsibility of speaking out in protected situations. we understand in afghanistan why they can't because the taliban are coming machine gun them down. >> affleck kind of proved mar's point by reacting so prickly and childishly and calling them gross and racist. mar was saying can we have the discussion about polling numbers and some of this information. >> i don't want to call affleck childish. i want to talk to him. >> no, no.
5:17 pm
he is fine. >> let me just say as you always position me as the liberal on this panel. let me just say, i just think to not say something to quote edmund burke would give silence evil in this case. >> turkey should be ashamed of itself. >> very good point. >> allowing that to happen when they are just right there to crush these isis savages and they are not doing jack. >> they are afraid, bill. >> afraid of what, juan? >> they have a big army and us behind them. bull. >> trajectory. >> i have got to go. brit hume on leon panetta. tomorrow night i will interview the former director and cia chief. what would you ask him. back to denver where the homeless population son the rise. guess why? those reports after these messages. ♪
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all right. so i'm looking for a little guidance here on my panetta interview. what points should i cover? >> you don't need any real guidance for me, bill. just on that pointst first point that he just made. might ask him whether he doesn't think that in fact the president thought that once usama bin laden had been killed that it was baseballly mission accomplished as far as defeating al qaeda, what they like to call core al qaeda from that point forward he was inclined to follow his own instincts which was to stay out of
5:22 pm
things in the middle east particularly what happened in libya. you might ask him what effect he thinks of the outcome of the fall of qualify had qaddafi had. can you take it as a given that he urged the arming of the syrian rebels while he was in office. you might ask him how forcefully he made that case. in other words, did he really, you know, really brace the president on that or did he simply recommended it and then when it didn't fly that was the end of it it. it would be good to know that. >> that's a tough one for me because i'm not so sure i would have okayed arming the moderate syrian rebels because of the exact same thing that happened in iraq. i mean, if you have a hodgepodge with no leadership, and you give them heavy weaponry, the isis thugs just take the weapons when they overrun them. and so that is legitimate concern. >> bill, remember, the president's plan going forward now is to do just that. >> i have opposed that plan. >> to arm the syrian rebels. >> bill, the segment is
5:23 pm
about panetta's views, right? >>. no it's all about me. it's always about me. [ laughter ] >> well i will tell you, i can't -- i know,. >> topics that i feel very passionately about, and i'm not going it tell everybody now what they are because i don't want to i see your point -- i don't know how candid he is going to be. i have known leon poor many years. >> doing something. it turns out he can't establish that he vigorously urged that course it seems to me it diminishes the credibility. >> how long have you known leon pa panetta. >> 30 years. i have known him when he was in the house of representatives. he was a republican back in the day. >> that was world war i, wasn't it? when you guys were discussing how wilson -- >> yes. back when i was merely elderly. >> right. now, panetta, and i have done some work with his
5:24 pm
institute on monterrey, california, did i favors for him. he is an honest man, but is he a politician. you know, i mean, is he not like gates. and gates, by the way, never came in here. the former secretary of defense robert gealts. i was looking forward to talking to gates. he dodged us. panetta, i don't know if you are going to get what you want. like okay, did you brace him? tell me about the conversation. >> going to ask him had. >> can i can skim had. he is very diplomatic. is he a nice guy. he doesn't like to give the little. >> you don't want to get into one of these interviews where you start asking questions and you feel at the end of them he is taking away information you felt you already had. >> he doesn't filibuster though. he is not a filibuster kind of guy. he will -- i don't know how much he is going it give me about the personal interactions which i would love to know. i mean, you know, were you down there smashing your white house mug on the desk people will often say who advise presidents i don't want to communicate to you what i -- how i advise the
5:25 pm
president. on the other hand, he has written a book now which he has made basically these assertions, repeated them on television. it's certainly fair to ask him. >> doesn't give you a lot of inside baseball though. he doesn't put you in there in a room. i guess that's my task to try to get it out of him. >> get a little of the detail there one other thing i think you probably have to ask him although i don't believe that he is saying what he is saying about obama and about the advice not taken and so forth any kind of a way to help make it easier on hillary clinton to distance herself from those policies. you might ask him the question anyway. just about the relationship with -- and also ask him if he has heard from the white house since he made these allegations. >> well, biden has been bad mouthing him but, yeah. >> i will get his reaction. >> who he has heard from. it will be interesting to know. >> all right, brit. thanks again. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg has two topics tonight why the fbi ♪ calling the oklahoma beheading terrorism and pbs
5:26 pm
correspondent scorches andrea tantaros we think unfairly. then morris on legalized pot, a magnet for homeless in colorado. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. hi, i just signed up for your credit report site and i have a problem. i need to speak with your fraud resolution department. ugh, we don't have that. what should i tell him? just make that super annoying modem noise... ( ee...dong...shuuuhh...) hello? not all credit report sites are equal. classic. members get personalized help plus fraud resolution support. join now at with enrollment in experian credit tracker. goodnight. goodnight. for those kept awake by pain the night is anything but good. introducing new aleve pm.
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5:30 pm
chastises for calling that incident in oklahoma work place violence but not terrorism. give us the gist of your thinking. >> the headline, the literal headline on my column on my web site is how stupid do they think we are? and it's a reference to the fbi becoming just the latest american institution that thinks we are all a bunch of morons. as we all know, this muslim convert in oklahoma 30-year-old man chops the head off with a knife of a woman he used it to work with. 54-year-old grandmother: d.a. out there was shouting islamic or arabic phrases and words.
5:31 pm
the fbi says verbatim quote beyond being fired, man was fired after trying to proselytize to get people to convert to islam. fired have another motive. are you kidding? nobody in his right mind believes that this is anything but islamic terrorism. but the fbi and this is the bigger story, bill, the fbi has become politicized. it's part of the justice department, which is run by eric holder. who is a political hatchet man and look out man for his friend barack obama. >> the president. >> you want to know why, let me give to you with reasons why real quick. one is a pc reason. the other is political. pc the president for whatever crazy reason doesn't want to offend or thinks he is going to offend
5:32 pm
moderate muslims. that's why the mass murder at fort hood, texas, is also work place violence. the other is political. he doesn't need and eric holder knows. this he doesn't need a domestic, islamic terrorist incident domestically in the united states on his watch in both cases this is not a good thing with democracy. >> i agree with 90% of what you saying, the fbi has been politicized. i will point out the malaysian airliner investigation went to quantico many many months ago and they certainly know what those pilots were doing up there and they certainly have looked at their computers and everything else and we have not heard a word. not a word. >> right, exactly. >> and they know, that investigation is finished. and it's in some lockbox, all right? the second thing is, and this is where i disagree with you a little. the "new york times" didn't ask the proper question to the fbi guy. it was work place violence in the sense that the guy targeted a person where he
5:33 pm
was working. before he was fired. so, in that narrow range, the fbi guy was telling you the truth. what the question should have been was was this islamic guy, was this muslim copycatting isis? yes or no? >> wait a second, bill. bill, bill. >> that's the fbi guy. >> it's 1963 and a white guy goes to work and there is one black guy there he calls the black guy the "n" word. he says people like you are inferior, he puts his head in a noose, and then he shoots him between the eyeballs and the fbi says it's work place violence. what moron would accept that explanation. this guy took a woman, cut her head off, he cut her head off while shouting arabic phrases. his facebook page had rants
5:34 pm
and picture of 9/11 stuff and usama bin laden. work place violence? >> it was terrorism by a muslim. but in order to get the fbi to say that you have to put them in a corner for all reasons you enumerated. >> they are not going to say it because eric holder doesn't want them to say it and because eric holder buddy and boss barack obama doesn't want them to say it. >> we are going to hold bernie over to talk about a pbs analyst talking about pbs analyst talking about andrea tantaros. mile high city up ahead. itis an. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace rescue inhalers for
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. and we continue now with bernie goldberg from miami. yesterday on cnn, fox news host andrea tantaros was verbally attacked by miles o'brien, a pbs correspondent. andrea last week was talking about how ebola is treated in some west african rural areas. >> i sail it before i say it again. in these countries they do not believe in traditional medical care. someone could get off a flight and seek treatment from a witch doctor that practice practices -- this is a bigger fear. we are hoping they come to
5:39 pm
the hospitals in the u.s., they might not. >> andreas is basing her opinion on a doctors without border statement that some doctors in ghana are hostile to western americans some can't even get into those areas. the red cross confirms that on cnn apparently they are not paying attention. >> miles not much to say here but witch doctors? >> well, we could digress into what motivated that and perhaps the racial component of all of this, the arrogance, the first world vs. third world statements and implications of just that. it's offensive on several levels. and it reflects, frankly, a level of ignorance which we should not allow in our media and in our discourse. >> well, let me get this it straight, mr. o'brien, you would not allow andrea tantaros' opinion. we he have asked mr. o'brien to come on the factor. we hope he does. joining us from miami bernie
5:40 pm
goldberg. so this is a cheap shot alley, guy interviewed him notorious cheap shot artist. far left guy cnn hired out of the far left wants to nip issue in fox news any kind he can correspondent. he should know in many areas of west africa aid workers have had a terrible time getting to ebola victims because people in the villages and the towns are superstitious. they don't trust outsiders and what andrea was saying was based on reality or am i wrong? >> no, you are not wrong at all. ignorance is on the part of brian stelter and miles o'brien. here is what they left out on cnn. a british red cross worker, who was working with ebola patients in sierra leone said. this some african-americans believe the disease is a punishment or a result of witchcraft. some families believe that when their loved one goes
5:41 pm
into an ambulance they will be given an injection to kill them. so if some african-americans -- africans believe that ebola is a witchcraft. why would some go to a witch doctor to get straightened out. here is what you are not allowed to say outloud and you will never hear from a liberal journalist at cnn or any other news organization. many africans, i have to whisper this, many africans in sierra leone here it comes are backward people. they do believe in witch doctors. but it's a lot easier, they won't talk about that the liberals, that makes them very uncomfortable. a lot easier to go after someone on fox for using the term witch doctor. >> he would all racist here we know that and we are all denigrating the third world. >> imply unfairly that she is a racist. let me just say this very briefly. shame on brian stelter and
5:42 pm
miles o'brien. they have no idea how their liberalism effects and infects their journalism. shame on them. >> you saw mr. o'brien say it should not be permitted therefore andrea tantaros. >> now, in miami, where you live right now, there is a neighborhood called little haiti. and there are thousands and thousands of home invasions who have come over to the united states to seek a better life. very small number of those home invasions practice voodoo. all right? >> exactly. >> they do. bernie and i know it i have done a story in haiti on voodoo. it is there. there are hongans which are witch doctors, there they are there. they charge for their services. in africa the same thing it may not be called voodoo it is called something else. andrea saying it is possible that some infected patient with ebola can get on a plane, go to miami, go to
5:43 pm
dallas, texas, where there it are the communities though have these people in the united states and go there instead of going into the hospital. it is an absolutely possible and in context. >> let me make something very very clear. andrea tantaros said nothing, nothing wrong. this is how crazy liberal -- liberal nism general, if they want to be crazy, that's fine with me. when liberalism infects journalism, that really bothers me. it's that she used the term witch doctor and these two people who didn't know -- how do i know what the red cross worker said about how they believe in witchcraft and you know it, but these two geniuses at cnn didn't know it? it's a liberal, political correctness. you say witch doctor and they woo, you can't say that you are a racist. or imply that you are a racist. i have done stories in haiti, also. if i came back and said, you know it, are a lot of people there who believe in voodoo and go to witch doctors, does that make me a racist?
5:44 pm
liberalism is wrecking journalism and, you know what? we're holding them accountable but nobody else is. newspapers don't hold. television media critics don't hold them available. >> the fact that we do and this segment will be on every political web site in the country in about 45 seconds is do what we can do bernie and that's all we can do. >> right. >> nice to have you. watters on deck. homeless pouring into the mile high city of denver, colorado. why? watters will tell us, next. >>
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the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. watters world segment tonight, big article in time magazine this week about the increase in driving under the influence of pot throughout the u.s.a.
5:48 pm
no surprise. with legalization in two states and decriminalization in others, many more stoned people on the road. another unintended consequence of marijuana acceptance in the u.s.a. is happening in denver where the homeless situation is going up. salvation army reports it's up almost 100% in some shelters. we sent watters to the mile high city to check it out. >> you have noticed uptick in homelessness. >> we have seen 153% increase. they are here in the denver area because of the legalization of marijuana. >> i glimpse warlocks to make a move. >> what state did you come >> originally i'm from maine. >> it's a beautiful state. >> yeah. until the gangs started showing up here comes trouble. >> it's kush.
5:49 pm
>> what's her name. >> kush. >> i just met a cat named kush. >> why did you move out here. >> i'm a hash maker. >> i have a multiple personality disorder. >> who are you right now. >> who would you want my to be. >> there is a lot of pigeons. i don't like the pigeons. do you smoke a lot of weed. >> not a lot. yeah i smoke a lot of weed. >> what's your name? >> i'm giggle. >> what name? >> what do you do on a daily basis. >> wake up smoke a morning bowl. go in the library. use the computer. facebook. >> homeless and you have a facebook page. >> oh, yeah. >> i have to friend you. what are you doing right now. >> just medicating myself. >> what's your ailment? >> my what? >> we have got to start being more responsible. >> are you homeless right now. >> displaced but not homeless. >> do you have a plan to get
5:50 pm
back up on your feet. >> i'm standing. >> it's more of a euphemism. >> what are you my mother. >> i have been on these streets sips i was 10. >> my dad was obese drunk. >> i have been homeless since february. dad is incarcerated in a state penitentiary. addict. i think everybody should have to go through, this sleep street. sleep on the street. >> they would throw money at you. >> we would like to supply with you a generous bank account. >> do you have any addictions? >> i smoked weed most of my life. ever since sixth grade. >> how is that working out for you? >> doing great. >> are you sure? >> yeah. >> so if someone came to you and said i have this job pa that pays about 50,000. >> if i'm in an office i can't do it. i have to be outside interacting with people constantly. >> so you want to do what i do? >> probably. that wouldn't be that hard. >> you don't turn tricks do
5:51 pm
you, gittle. >> hell know. what do i look like. pimp you before you pimp me. i promise that you. >> calm down. >> let's go buy some weed. >> how many customers do you get on average. >> 120 to 200 on the recreational side. >> a day. >> yeah. >> wow. >> why don't we go roll this up. >> let's go. so you are homeless and now you are high. what's your motto in life? >> i really don't have one. >> getting kind of hungry. [ laughter ] >> burrito or something. roll a little burrito in the paper. [coughing] >> little enwhich i enchilada. >> enchilada. >> like a chicken chicken chonga. >> that's what we are smoking right now. >> what do you think about bill. >> bill is cool. very aggressive. >> keep it up, man. give him hell. >> do you watch watters
5:52 pm
world. >> no i haven't. >> i'm watters and you are in my world right now. >> really? it's my world, watters. >> so right now your world is filled about legal recreational pot smoke from colorado. >> what? >> it's funny but it's not. >> kind of sad. most of these people i assume are unemployed, correct? >> or working odd jobs for minimum wage. >> how do they get the money to buy the marijuana? >> sometimes can you do, you know, minimum wage, manual labor and scrape by and then sometimes it's so available, people just pass it around if you are out on the street it's easy. >> where do they sleep? >> sometimes they sleep in shelters and other times if it's nice temperature they can sleep outside denver fathers see this as a problem. >> i don't think they do at all. a lot of shelters are doubling in population. a different type of homeless species than there are in san francisco. and san francisco is like hard are core aggressive junkies.
5:53 pm
these kids in denver, they are more runaways, kind of looking for work. they are more educated and just stoners and trying to get by. >> in portland, oregon a big big drug-fueled homeless problem. people come there. i think denver is going to minimum -- mimic that. >> going in that direction right now. >> factor tip of the day. jealousy. the tip, moments away. ♪
5:54 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save.
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"killing jesus" movie early in 2015. today the cast was announced. kelsey grammar will pay the tirade who tried to kill baby jesus. and hos in the role of jesus -- mor rocco should be great
5:56 pm
looking forward to it. now the mail, debra, new hampshire. mr. o'reilly, suggested to suspend flights from west africa is a great start. enough with the political correctness. the forecast's first responsibility is to protect american citizens dr. martin fecklor. i call it idiotic. so we disagree, doctor. american military will build and protect medical infrastructure in west africa that is a noble enterprise. since ebola is not airborne, the danger to our soldiers is minimal. the doctor on "the factor" said more people die from colds and ebola. that's misleading. ebola carries a 50% mortality rate. the common cold approaches zero. henriette ta, oklahoma, o'reilly, did you really expect the army to release their findings on sergeant bergdahl before the november elections? i expected the army to adhere to
5:57 pm
the timetable, marcy. or explain why there's a delay. the findings are being reviewed. if they hold him until after the election, we'll all know the fix is in. oakhu oakhursh, california, i was a police officer training administrate in the '70s. he told me the investigation in patton's death was the most incompetent probe ever conducted by the cid. and that is what martin and i came to believe as well, doctor, from our research. "killing patton kwlts is my favorite book. can't believe how much i didn't know about world war ii. jessie, memphis, tennessee, bill, you said the bolder fresher show in charleston, west virginia is the last one this year. i have tickets to see you and miller in philly on october 25th. we'll be there, jessie. i said the show in west virginia
5:58 pm
on october 24th is the only one tickets left. all the others are sold out. tommy jones, clinton, krooi krooi. my son served in the marines, ten outfitters in fulton recently purchased a track chair for wounded marine. your son is a patriot, small business owners all over america are doing that. details on how to deal with jealousy for my money. jealousy's one of the worst traits a human being can have. it can lead to betrayal and even violence. all of us are exposed to jealousy at some point. but if you're successful, it really kicks in. the hollywood reporter killing patton sold about a quarter million copies in seven days. more copies sold than the next 14 best selling nonfiction hard cover books combined. with that kind of success we can expect killing patton to be
5:59 pm
attacked by jealous people because i have a forum to expose that, i have no beef. if i choose to i can take them on. but you don't have that luxury. here's the tip of the day, do not associate with jealous people even if you're not the target of their jealousy. when you hear petty gossip designed to demean, say i don't listen to that kind of stuff and leave. surround yourself with quality people and you will have a quality life. "the factor" tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, we want you to be malapert when writing to "the factor." we want you to be a malapert. big interview with leon panetta tomorrow night. how can you not watch that?
6:00 pm
i don't know what's going to happen. but it will be big. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the threat of a humanitarian disaster unfolding at this hour in the middle east. despite u.s. air strikes and weeks of fighting by u.s. coalition partners, isis is advancing in syria and there are serious concerns tonight that the jihadists are poised to unleash a new massacre of innocence. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly reporting live from laguna nagal, california, fortune magazine most powerful women summit. the black flags over the syrian town of kobani. we saw this fighter plant the banner on the strategic hill top. broken thr


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